Compilation: Art Deco in Mumbai

“Art deco, or deco, is an eclectic artistic and design style that began in Paris in the 1920s and flourished internationally throughout the 1930s, into the World War II era. Art deco’s linear symmetry was a distinct departure from the flowing asymmetrical organic curves of its predecessor style art nouveau; it embraced influences from many different styles of the early twentieth century,including neoclassical, constructivism, cubism, modernism and futurism and drew inspiration from ancient Egyptian and Aztec forms. Although many design movements have political or philosophical beginnings or intentions, art deco was purely decorative.”

Marine Drive. The Art Deco epicenter in Mumbai. (Source: unknown)

Source: Wikipedia
An exhaustive list of Art Deco buildings in Mumbai can be found here >> Navin Ramani
Image Sources: Flickr user Colros (ColinRose), Hiyori13 (Hiroo Yamagata) and Meckleychina (John Meckley).

New India Assurance Building

Colros. The primary example of art deco not just in Mumbai but India. Here are the Assuring Angels.

© Colros. Depiction of a potter.

© Colros. Empowering the farmers of India.

Eros Theatre

© Colros. Neon Eros lighting, an example of the glitz and glamour of 60's Bollywood.

© Colros. Bi-coloured building during the day, wires and pipes does not do the building's exterior justice

© Colros. Top left Clock wise - 1. The British aristocrat party?. 2. Making of a film set. 3. Make up of the actors 4. Filming of the movie. Click to Enlarge.

Shiv Shanti Bhuvan

© Meckleychina. Next to Rajjab Mahal in South Mumbai.

© Meckleychina. Geometric Art Deco window

Rajjab Mahal

© Hiyori13. My favourite colour combination blue and white being used in this building here.

© Hiyori13. The building houses the Rajjab Mahal Co-operative Housing Society Office.

© Hiyori13. The view of the building from the side. The slanted window acting like wind and rain breakers.

Soona Mahal

© Meckleychina. Soona Mahal on Marine Drive in South India. Soon going to be in the shadows of India Tower.

© Meckleychina. Freshly painted similar to Eros Theatre.

Palm Court

© Meckleychina. Palm Court building going up?

Empress Court

© Meckleychina. The Empress court building getting a face light.

© Meckleychina. A beautiful photograph of a beautiful stairwell.

United India Building

© Meckleychina. Name of the company which is housed in the building is incorporated into the building itself.

Unknown Buildings 

© Colros. An art deco apartment dwelling in South Mumbai.

© Colros. Notice the very ornate grill on the top of the building? Nice!

There are infinite number of photos you can see for yourself here >>> Flickr Search for Mumbai Art Deco. Some of them are being threatened with new buildings or being modernised, while some are getting a much needed facelift.

Some building photos are very rare, such as private bungalows or buildings that are no more, if you do happen to stumble upon on let me know >>> Thank you!

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