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Chatrapathi Shiva Terminus

Much effort has gone into making Mumbai look and feel like London. One of the most stunning example of Victorian Design is Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus or CST (formerly Victoria Terminus), it's where every person who travel through train to Mumbai City steps out.

Gargoyles are everywhere in CST, serving not only as water spouts but also as sculptures that is scaring off evil spirits. CST's peculiar design is considered to be both gothic and victorian.

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The mighty lions are always guarding the entrance similar to those huge lions in from the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

Mumbai may not be as clean as London, but this entrance with its ornamental mini-minarets and truss holding the board certainly makes Mumbai as charming as London.

Combining various distinct elements, i.e. tiny details, has been the speciality of English designers in India. Here you can see a typical Islamic window.

This poor lion seems to have lost an arm, but it still perches on the top. An eagle with a flag looks on in the side.

Queen Victoria herself potrayed holding on to the beacon of hope and guiding half of the world.

Trusses holding up the vast CST platforms.

Goat gargoyle captured in high detail. Goats were at times considered to be like Christ, able to find food at high altitudes and climb steep slopes and at times compared to Satan or as the symbol of lust.


India's national bird and the most majestic of all birds.

Column design is exactly like the ones found in Victoria Station in London.

A monkey gargoyle, most likely does not act as a water spout since it under a parapet roof.

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