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Event: Germany+India: Infinite Opportunities
Place: Palace Grounds, Bangalore
Dates: 22nd June – 1st July

The Germans are leading the way when it comes to advancement in technology and it is no surprise that they are making their presence felt in India, one of the worlds biggest markets. The Indo-German Urban Mela is being held across 5 metropolitans across India to commemorate the 60 years of Indo-German diplomatic partnership.

Big conglomerates such as Bosch, Metro, Siemens, Duestche Bank, SAP, among many others participated in the event showcasing and educating their latest offering. The big focus was on making cities sustainable or as the German’s called “StadtRäume – CitySpace“, considering the growing burden in the Indian cities.

The pavilions are designed by renowned German designer Markus Heinsdorff.

Markus Heinsdorff pavilions is a combination of very rural and tribal tent combined with the modern design.

More pavilions

Pavilions light up at night click here

Bosch version of ‘Smart City’, combines strategically placed windmills, solar power grid along with charging points.

Bosch has a cool map interface to control the city.

The SAP ‘Smart City’, synchronized city which is able to control multiple aspects of a City through a unified system.

BASF’s permeable concrete, it takes the full load like any other concrete mixture but allows water to percolate and then recharge the ground water system.

BASF’s transparent concrete, fibre glass thread embedded in a strategic manner allow for light to pass through. Not yet wholly transparent but it will make for some fantastic design. BASF is working with Lucon to make these concrete.

Some of the existing technology on display in BASF.

Render of an ECO house. Completely modern computerised home which is optimised for maximum savings in power. The house is called Efficient House Plus and designed in Berlin.

A 1:20 scale model of the Efficient House Plus.

Another scale model of the Efficient House Plus.

Other cool stuff:

METRO’s human interface you can choose different personalities such as Indian farmer or German chef. To see how METRO has helped them succeed.

BASF’s colourful pills apparently very eco and absolutely non toxic colouring.

The very colourful BASF pavilion was the biggest hit among the crowd.

A shot of the BASF Kid’s Lab for school children, where technicians demonstrate different chemical experiments.

Airbus developing the future of sustainable Air Travel.

Some German universities displayed their latest developments.

In the Duestche Bank pavilion a ‘wish tree’, where people write down their wishes for their city and hang it. Mostly it was wish for reduced traffic for Bangalore.

Another pavilion where kids are given colours and paints and allowed to do ANYTHING they want.

Inside the Goethe Lounge

Graffiti by some German artists made live in front of an eager crowd.

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