Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) Campus Architecture

© Trilok Rangan. Large garden and plantation area is a Indian Institute of Bangalore signature.

© Doctor Casino. Corridor which are very much 'open', both to nature and sunlight.

ArchitectB.V. Doshi (Vastu Shilpa Consultants)
Campus Area: 100 acres
Built Up area: 54,000 m
Year of Completion: 1983
Images: Flickr User Doctor Casino, Flickr User Anuradhac, Flickr User Trilok Rangan.

The difference between ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ is blurred when it comes to this particular building. Bangalore is (was?) known for its greenery, parks and gardens. The mild climate is particularly suited for a variety of trees and there have been a number of saps planted over the years which are bearing the fruits even today.

© anuradhac. Modern design meets quaint texturing.

Designed by legendary B.V. Doshi, who  worked with Le Corbusier in Paris, IIM Bangalore‘s campus has all the hallmarks of a top institute’s campus. On the IIMB Architecture page, it says “The campus is a destination and a pilgrimage for students of architecture and practicing architects, with the architecture of the academic and administrative blocks becoming a case study.”.

© anuradhac. High hallways with pergolas style roof and space for greenery. 

When someone says the hallmarks of a top institute’s campus, what does it mean? It, in my opinion, means that the institute is representative of its students and the promise of their future. Institutes like IIM develop the next generation of innovators, inventors, thinkers, movers and shakers, strong individuals who will become the foundation of a country. It is not just because stone was in ‘fashion’ around the time that this building was designed, but also because stone is the ultimate symbol of strength.

© anuradhac. Open is the mantra of the IIM-B design philosophy.

Stone is used even today for all buildings which are seats of power, palaces or places of worship. It is built to last for a thousand years and even have ruin value, indicating to the future archeologists that something great once stood there. Very few buildings have combined modern architecture and traditional stone masonry the way IIM-B has. IIM-Bangalore campus is indeed a tribute to stone. The building was designed to accommodate the ‘changing and extensive academic program’ of the IIM-B. The large hallways with seating areas make forums where students can discuss and debate.

Some of the features of IIM-B are three storied hallways, open quadrangles with ample area for plants, ample sun light entering through pergolas, geometrical roofs and slits in the roof and rough texture finish.  These features provide IIM-B distinctive characteristic which varies with time of the day and with the seasons. The stone texture allows the Climbing Ivy or Kalati (stone climber as called in Kannada) to grow to hug the wall, which adds to the already infinite greenery and is very suitable for Bangalore’s Climate.

Look below to discover on your own of how some features are used and to what effect…

© anuradhac. Elongated hallway which stretch for meters together provide space for students while connecting different buildings

© Doctor Casino. Ample sunlight making this high corridor look bright.

© Doctor Casino. Another elongated path with steps leading to higher places. Doshi always lays emphasis on steps in his designs.

© Doctor Casino. The library of IIM-B, old style fans handing from the window and an atrium.

© Doctor Casino. Very geometric staircase.

© Doctor Casino. Another curious nook of the campus.

© Doctor Casino. A intriguing space, open high window with columns supporting the roof.

© Doctor Casino. Dormitory block of the IIM-B. Cantilever windows and a stone exo-skeleton/structural column.

© Doctor Casino. Another shot of the library, concrete finish with bright white ceiling reflects soft white light onto rest of the building.

© Doctor Casino. Climbing Ivy or Kalati (Stone Climber) plant that is abundant in Bangalore, naturally grows and hugs any wall adding to the greenery.

© Doctor Casino. An example of art-deco in IIM-B campus.

I am sure every alumni who visits the place, gets a strong nostalgic feeling and might even see themselves as they were in IIM-B. The designs make the building time-less and a master piece of  Doshi.

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