Namaste Tower, Mumbai

ArchitectsAtkins Design Studio, Dubai
Approximate Area: 120,000 sq. mt.
Height: 300 mt, Floors: 62
First Seen onSkyscraper City
All images were submitted by Atkins at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona. It can be seen here.

Namaste is the traditional Indian Greeting, which in Sanskrit means ‘I Salute you or give respect to you’. The building is literally inspired from the Namaste gesture. The sides of the building, with its Mehndi and Paisley Design, acts like 2 hands clasped together. The building is greeting the city and people of Mumbai. Atkins says ‘We aimed to design a building that would become representative of the city: the picture postcard of Mumbai.’

The building will be visible from 40 kms away owing to the 300 mts height of the tower. With views of the Mahalakshmi Race Course, Mumbai peninsula and the Indian Ocean, the building is expected to get the best of Mumbai.

Namaste Tower, Mumbai

At the top of the building there will be a Sky Restaurant and Barm offering panoramic views of the city.

The Facade Graphic provides the building its Indian look with the Bridal Mehndi design.

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