Vivanta by Taj in Bangalore

Architects: WOW (Warner Wong) Architects Singapore
Project Year: 2009
Project Area: 19,638 sqm
Awards: Building of the Year, Interior Design Award, Best Architecture Award in Hotels and Commercial Category at 2010 Singapore Institute of Architecture Design Awards
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Just like many Le Corbusier designs, the surface finish of this particular building is concrete and the difference between inside and outside is blurred.

The lobby is the prime example of both of the above design philosophy. The roof of the lobby has an ornamental light and channel pattern, breaking the monotony and adding flair to the surface, which is reflected on the green (grassy?) carpet and there is an indoor garden with trees similar to the ones found outside of the building.  There are also abstract lamps and some modern furniture.

Some of the salient social features of this building design include adapting the design to suit local workmanship and construction management processes. The final design even embraces ‘workmanship defects as part of the aesthetic through finishes intentionally celebrating the raw rusticity’.

The building is a “Landscraper” (the opposite of Skyscraper) since the site is long ensuring maximum site coverage and “replacing the surface area of the site with a sloping, wrapping and bending surface area of the site with a sloping, wrapping and bending landscape plane. Public and private spaces interweave cinematically along the public promenade.”

The hotel is located in Whitefield, the beginning of the IT-corridor which stretches all the way to Electronic City. The clientele for the hotel are likely to be business men who want a relaxing environment after work. For there is a naturally ventilated rooftop bar which opens out to landscaped garden which forms part of a green roof.

Rainwater harvesting is required by law in Bangalore and it is integrated into the very design of the roof, the slopes and channels allow efficient transfer of the water.

Massing of the building:



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